Nextckoud for photos Unraid

Hi all

Im using a Unraid server for stuff.

I want to do
1 thing

1: Upload photos from my phone onto my Unraid server (Only on wifi not wan) from my and my wifes phone
And i want it to be me folders pictures/month - But i want it to upload into my picture folder so Plex can see it (Im not sure nextcloud is uploading .jpg ?)

But do i need a seperat database for this small operation? Will it be slow?

Regards Daniel

Yes, you can do that with Nextcloud.

That is supported.

Nextcloud stores files in it’s data folder. In this format: [nextcloud data folder]/[username]/files/[path within the Nextcloud interface]/[filename]

You can point Plex to a subdirectory of your Nextcloud user and that will accomplish what you want.

Seperate ? Nextcloud just needs a simple MySQL or Postgres Database. How you configure it and whether you want to reuse a MySQL/Postgres database for multiple applications is up to you. Was that your question ?

Should be fine.

Hi Sir

Meny thanks.

I got Nextcloud with postgres running.

So i cant have my pictures stored like i have today and just point that nextcloud should upload the pictures and videos to /year in that folder?

I thouhgt that the pictures whould be stored in the database but that is not correct i know now.

What does all this have to do with a database. Nextcloud stores the files in the above named folder and your web server and maybe Plex (i do not use that software) can point to it. Does Plex need a database? Maybe Plex must scan the directory if needed.

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You could theoretically configure Nextcloud like that, but that would be a waste of time.
Just move all your photos into the Nextcloud and point Plex to the folder within Nextcloud, where you keep them.

You can move the files into the nextcloud locally by moving them in the appropriate location on the disk and running the occ files:scan command in the nextcloud docker (see documentation).

Im not used to work with databases :smiling_face:

At first i thought that it will store All My pictures and files in the database. Not at. Jpg and so on. But I think i got it now. I think it is like plex.

Im using unraid and have a file structure that i want the pictures to go a specefic place.

I can see that i made it in the app data folder. Meaby thats not the best way.

Meaby i need it to be on the array not the cache.