Nextbackup location


where can i find the location of backups for the app nextcloud backup ?

im running system from a debian (raspbian)


public function createDBBackup()

        $timestamp = time();


    $backupDir = $this->configService->getBackupBaseDirectory(). "/$timestamp";

public function getBackupBaseDirectory() {
        $backupDir = $this->getDataDir() . '/ownbackup';


Look in /var/www/nextcloud/data/ownbackup/$timestamp
Perhaps wrong source. Search for data/…/$timestamp .
$timestamp format is time() from PHP.

Your app?

It is only a dabase backup:
NextBackup (formerly OwnBackup) is the simple database backup solution for your ownCloud 8.1+ and Nextcloud installation.

… you must backup your data-dir separately perhaps with rsync. The data-dir rsync-backup includes the dumped database with nextbackup.

Thats what i wanted to do but impossible to locate those backups

im going to search with a grep inside debian, because i dont master php search

I found it with a simple grep command

it is stored in the data directory where you can find users profiles too

In my case, i changed the data directory to a SATA HDD


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