Nextant Preview not visible

Hi, I have switched to NC 11.0.3 and Nextant 1.0.8. When I do a search, the solr engine give me the files back which includes the search term. But It does not show me a preview of the file content containing the search term. With 1.0.6 i saw the file and the content which were searched. How can I enable this feature again?

Can you see a preview when you’re opening a simple text file without using Nextant ?

When I switch to a folder containing a text file, I see on the thumbnail the content of the text file.
Using nextand i do not see the preview as line under the file name, neither on pdf nor text files.

Hi, the whole thing is getting more and more confusing:
I found out, that the index does not really work. I am searching for a term, and the search is giving me back one filename. When I open it, i get an error, that the PDF file does not exist. The problem is, that the url from nextant directs to an old folder, but i have moved the files withing nextcloud to a new folder.

So i made a occ --rescan and also initiated a nextant reindex search. No success.

Then i downloaded the file, deleted it from nextcloud, made a rescan and reindex, added it, and again a rescan and reindex. Viola: now the search shows me the file with the right content, and the preview, but I cannot open it. The error message is: File does not exist. When i move the mouse over the pdf file, i can see that the URL is missing the subfolder.

so my suggesstion is, that the index is not working. How Can i enforce a complete reindex with the right path and file name?

Looks like we’re talking about indexing the files in the trashbin ? you can remove the option in the admin interface if you do not wish to index those files