Nextant CRON Job / First Index not possible

I have the following system:

Nextcloud - works
Integrated on OMV 3.0.78 - works
Own certificate created and accepted with LetsEncrypt - works
Calendar and contacts installed - works

I wanted to install Nextant. The installation of the Solr Servlet has worked. The test under Nextcloud - Admin Page - Additional Settings - runs without problems.

But I did not manage the first index for Nextant under Linux using Putty (error: -bash: ./occ: file or directory not found).

I have therefore entered the creation of the initial index on the - Admin page - Additional settings - from Nextcloud as cronjob. Unfortunately, nothing has happened since days. Reinstalling Nextant did not help.

How can I either on the - Admin page - Additional settings - the Cron job again take out or Nextant actually cause the initial indexing. I would be grateful for any help.


No one knows a solution?

If it´s possible. Please Devs check the problem. Thanks


For me was the solution:

chmod 755 occ
sudo -u www-data php ./occ nextant:index

Now its running. You can close the ticket. Thank you very much