Next Cloud Server on Linux or Freenas Next Cloud plugin

Is is better to install Next cloud server running on Linux or just install Freenas with the next cloud plugin? I am looking for performance and the ability to use my personal cloud efficiently. I am not sure whats the best choice.

Do you know if one is better than the other in terms of performance?

The Nextcloud plugin of Freenas is maintained by the Freenas-community, I don’t know enough to tell you how much you can still configure in FreeNAS.

On a dedicated Linux (or *BSD) system, you can certainly run Nextcloud and configure everything to the advantage of Nextcloud. To use the last resources and configure the best out of the system, it’s probably better.

You can start on FreeNAS and when you are not happy, you can still move to a Linux system (better then the other way around with a special plugin).

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I am on FreeNas now and using Virtual box just to test it out. I found out that they cant support Next cloud 11 yet because there plugin doesnt support PHP 5.6 yet. That was the reason why I was considering the Linux system.

A system with php 7.0 would be great for the overall performance of Nextcloud. FreeNAS doesn’t focus on providing webservers and new php version, however it is possible that they planned this. Since it is based on FreeBSD, there are perhaps manual ways (within jails or so). On specific questions regarding FreeNAS, it’s better to ask the FreeNAS community.

Yes I will do that. thank you!