Next cloud client can't be load after installation on windows 7

Hello everyone,

I’ve a problem when i want to launch the next cloud client.
My OS : Windows 7 64bits
NC version : 2.5.2

I can’t start it, i 've recieved this error :
Name application failed nextcloud.exe, version :, timestamp: 0x5c90e346
Name failed module : ig9icd64.dll, version :, timestamp: 0x591d3f92
Code exception : 0xc0000005
Error offset : 0x00000000005e6f50
ID process fail : 0x23f0
Start time of the failed application : 0x01d521de2822182a
Path of the failed application : C:\Program Files (x86)\Nextcloud\nextcloud.exe
Path of the failed module: C:\Windows\system32\ig9icd64.dll

ig9icd64.dll is already on system32.
All my drivers are uptodate.

Anyone have any ideas ?

Problem solved
Cause : driver graphic and driver dock usb

How to fix it :

  1. uninstall dirver hd graphic and driver dock usb
  2. download the lastet version of driver graphic and dock usb
  3. install driver graphic (don’t let windows do it) - reboot
  4. samething for dock usb driver
  5. launch nextcloud client

evreything Works

This may be temporary solution, but Nextcloud still have issue with driver for Intel UHD 620.