Next Cloud 14 messed up our file system

Upgraded from 13.04 to 14 could not log in with FireFox but could with IE then found shares gone and files missing locally- All of our most important files were deleted.

Restored older version of NC from backup - Files re-syncing locally - restored.

Lesson to be learned. … Never Upgrade if you don’t need to…

i’m not sure if this is the correct lesson to be learned. there would be others. like:

  • be careful with xy.0.0 versions, always and everywhere
  • don’t let yourself get pushed doing something just because of a new version number
  • read through all possible sources to find out if there are issues reported
  • if you’re running a productive system try installing upgrades on a testsystem first
  • have a backup ready (well done!)

Ditto All you said! Especially the X.0 warning, I almost didn’t upgrade because of that, I usually wait til at least X.1.1

Nextcloud 13 didn’t have a .1.1 version.
@OurCloud :
@jospoortvliet will tell you that NC RC versions are made for this. So for having a good .0.0, they need to have a lot of users to test the RCs…

better wait for 0.1
afaik devs are giving their best to remove issues.

Your absolutely right – Unfortunately some of us though very grateful for the work they do are not able to join in the testing and proving.

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Yeah, always upgrade to minor releaes, but the .0 can be risky. We usually tell our customers when it is time to upgrade - in this case, we told our customers when 14.0.3 was out that it was time to upgrade. So it varies when it is. That’s of course one thing our customers pay us for :wink:

For home users, 14.0.0 should of course be safe, lots of home users test it - but customers often use different setups which need a bit more testing.