Nexstcloud 23 and Windows client 3.4.1 do not sync reliably

I recently installed a Nextcloud 23 using best practices and the installation itself seems to work as it should. Trying to sync files to it with Windows 3.4.1 client is inconsistent and doesn’t work properly.

Only some files get sent up, I have folders with inconsistent content etc which is - of course - a horrifying concept, the whole point of storing stuff in Nextcloud is to store everything, not 70%. This stuff - these literal files - synced just fine against my previous version 20 install, with this client.

Is there some known issues with version 23 and the Windows sync client? Because this is scaring the shit out of me, these are files I need to know get synced when changed.

I’ve tried deleting the files in the Nextcloud instance, I’ve tried deleting the local folder, I tried deleting the client and manually erasing any folder named Nextcloud from program files, appdata, localappdata etc - this still doesn’t reliably sync. I set it up fresh, and with no content in the local directory or in the Nextcloud itself, dropped in a couple of gigabytes of data in a half dozen folders. It seems to sync fine, and when I check via the web interface, it’s hit or miss, some folders are up there, some are not.

Even locally, some folders (when looking in the 3.4.1 interface of folders, selected manually for sync) the folder can say 0 bytes, but right-clicking on it via Explorer and choosing properties it says 10 megabytes.

I’m not sure where the issue is at this point but I’m very very leery of this whole setup now. So happy this is just my own hobbyist install, if this happened in a corporate setup I was support it would really suck…

I’m all for “bulk upload” improvements, but if those come with fragility, not so much.

There is a bug tracker:

Problems can arise from server or client side. Perhaps there is a way to disable the bulk upload feature to verify if it is a regression. It might be ‘hidden’ somewhere in the bug tracker.

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Thanks, I’ll check. I tried uploading the files (painfully slowly, but still) using the WebDAV address and plain Windows explorer and “drive” mapping, and all the files get sent up fine. And after that, the client downloads them… to the same location they were already in, locally. Just weird. I can even see in explorer that the files that didn’t get uploaded also had no “synced” tag on them earlier, it’s like the client can’t see them or something; I did check that the “ignore file” function was set to the default, which should have no issue with these file types.

I just don’t think the 3.4.1 client is all there at this point, something is just off. It can be me, but… all I did was install the thing and connect to the Nextcloud, not a lot you can do wrong.

Seems confirmed, at least to my satisfaction - the 3.4.x series of Windows (at least) client is not to be trusted - at the very least not against NC 23, which is what I’m running. Might be fine on older versions without the “bulk upload improvements”, no idea. 3.4.0 was a disaster, and 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 don’t reliably sync at least for some people. 3.3.6 that I picked up and installed instead immediately uploaded hundreds of files to the NC 23 install and seems to be fully functional.