Nexctcloud AD does not list all users

Recently I integrated my Netxcloud into LDAP to get users and credential from MS Active Deirectory.

There is a Nextcloud_Logongroup where users have to members to login.
This worked well so far. But now I found out that all users added to LDAP and joined to Logongroup dont show up. The Search: in Usertab always shows only 26 memebers for that group, instead of 33.
Even if I add or Remove Users from Group!!

In Users tab “only these object classes” and “only these groups” is greyed out.
The LDAP query for Users is:

If I query another group with same and different users. Same Users seem to be found.

Caching if set down to 30 Seconds.
User Search Attributes: uid, givenName, sn, employeeNumber, mailPrimaryAddress, Samaccountname, Displayname

Also Clearing Cache in Expert Tab did not help.

Any ideas?
(Nextcloud 18 on univention)

Most probably Nextcloud does not get current data from LDAP because it gets cached data and does not update regardless of “cache time-to-live”.