Nexcloud with S3 Glacier External Storage

I’m trying to configure S3 Glacier with Nextcloud without success. Configuring Normal S3 works fine

My nexcloud version is 19.0.5

I think is something relate with the name resource;
S3 is arn:aws:s3
S3 Glacier is arn:aws:glacier

Any hint, please?


No specific advice other than you should be sure you want to pay the access fees if using Glacier directly. It is meant for cold storage you do not touch, so it will become very expensive it you are using it for read and write in Nextcloud as a primary storage. Just fyi. :+1:

Thank you for your advice but I’ll use the Glacier only for cold and old files.

For other files I’m using Linode Object Storage.


@socialboh Had you been successful in setting up? Having the similar UceCase here