Nexcloud version retrieved from security scan differs from installed version

Nextcloud Version 16.0.1
Operating system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Apache Nginx (reverse proxy)
PHP version 7.1

When i do the “our security scan” the nextcloud version differs from installed version.

Did you hit the rescan bitton? Initially this page shows the results of your last scan. This is quite strange as it is not mentioned anywhwre and looks like it was accurate, but it is like it is.

FadeFex, you are right. After the rescan its showing the right version. Its me not clear why that data is saved somewhere, most people are interested in the status of this moment.


next time pls use search function before opening a new thread… as this one has been answered quite a few times before

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Hello JimmyKater, i’ll do that.

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@JimmyKater you are right, a search would have saved him and us a post, however, the text on that scan page is not clear on that matter, if it was, it would save us lots of posts…

thats also true…