Nexcloud SNAP fresh instalation /caldav

I have installed a fresh Nextcloud on Ubuntu server through SNAP. Its behind a reverse proxy. Iā€™m getting an error witch you can resolve redirecting 301 in the Apache file, but How I can resolve this In snap ?


I am no expert but I have similar setup as yours. Sharing my personal exp only,

Setup 1= Router (80/443) ā†’ nginx reverse proxy (80/443) ā†’ Nextcloud Snap (80)
Setup 2 = CloudFlare Tunnel ā†’ Nextcloud Snap (80)

Now, that warning is not going to cause any running trouble in daily operation. It just a warning saying connection between your reverse proxy and nextcloud is not having SSL. If both are within your same home network, then security wise, there is no issue. You can ignore it and use the setup.

But if your local network is not a trusted one, then you can install the certificate in snap or use a self-signed one to ensure SSL network connection between Reverse Proxy and Nextcloud within the local network.

sudo nextcloud.enable-https

Change the port in your reverse proxy linkage from 80 to 443 for nextcloud local IP.

In case of CloudFlare, you may also need to turn on " No TLS Verify" for origin server.