Nexcloud Mobile Applications, which one should I use?

Hi, I am new to the Nextcloud ecosystem and I had some questions about the mobile apps available in the various app stores.

I\ve noticed several different apps that are intitiled Nextcloud. However, I am not sure which app. I should use to synchronize with the hosted nextcloud instance.

Nextcloud Dev
Nextcloud Deck,
Nextcloud etc.

I am really trying to get a feel for working in the nextcloud environment and synchronizing files from a device to a instance and from the instance to a desktop.

More importantly, which version should I use on a mobile device and how often should I update the mobile application or installed bridge on my desktop to run the most stable and up to date version in unison with the hosted nextcloud instance.

Occasionally, I’ve seen some issue with the versions and incompatibility and I am trying to mitigate any sync issues.

So what is the exact name of the Nextcloud mobile app I should use to manage sync files?
What is the exact name of the Nextclould application I should use on my desktop to sync files?