Nexcloud GlobalScale vs Talon FAST

Hi ,

Just a small question, is Global scale in Nextcloud 12 will similar to TALON Fast?

I think that hat you could maximize the probability of getting answers by providing:

  • a description of what TALON Fast does (even a link could help)
  • a description of which aspects are you interested in

Hi Spartachetto,

We could find more info of TALON at

One of interested aspects/ feature : “Enterprises can avoid this issue by embracing Talon FAST™ to centralize and secure their application data. With FAST™ software, businesses can bring all of their data into a central data center while continuing to provide undiminished access to branch office locations and keep that information safe. Talon FAST™ combines integrated SMB/CIFS optimization and branch-office IT services to eliminate the need for branch-specific critical services management or storage.”