Nexcloud client weird behaviour with debian/gnome

Dear fellow nexcloud client users
I recently changed my os for a Debian buster/Gnome shell 3.30.2 and the nextcloud client I downloaded and that i run from the appimage Nextcloud-3.0.2-x86_64_a581d7ad4d37f9d8ad061272f9a75b32.AppImage doesn’t work properly.
Once launched the syncronisation with my server seems to work but when I switch to another software the client windows disappear and I have to force quit on the terminal.
What can I do to fix that ?


I have the exact same problem with the exact same version of Debian / Gnome and Nextcloud.

I’m just going to install the last stable version of Nextcloud from Debian repository (2,5,1) but I’d rather be able to use the newest version…