Nexcloud Client doesn't like emojis in file names

I enabled 4-byte support for MariaDB on my NC server which worked perfectly. Creating files with emojis in their name also works fine.

However, the NC client on macOS doesn’t like this. Although all files are synced, the client icon stays red and there is the following warning message (including the German spelling and grammar mistakes):

Ungültige Zeichenm bitte benennen Sie “$filename” um

This roughly translates to “invalid characters, please rename $filename”.

I wanted to open an issue on Github, but since you are still using the Owncloud sources for your client, I wasn’t sure if they would care.

If your modification also works for ownCloud, they are perhaps interested in it. Only thing is that they blacklist symbols that are not supported by all systems (Mac, Linux, Win).

Sorry for the confusion, I mean YOUR new feature in NC11:

While this is still marked as experimental, it works great so far. However, it is not supported by the current NC client on macOS.

Emojis in a Filename?! I have seen a lot, but that takes the cake.
I wonder what do you see if you list the directory with that on the filesystem directly.

On Ubuntu and macOS the file name looks like this when I list the directory:

(If you can’t see it, it’s a unicorn.)

2021 and I encountered this issue using the Android Mobile app with auto-upload. The message was “Bad request, could not upload the file”.

Thought that it might be a permissions issue but after fiddling with that and having no success I had an inclining it was to do with the emoji in the filename. I changed the filename, removing the emoji and it uploaded as expected.

hmmm… well, I guess I may have found the real solution…

Confirmed, after running through the below:

I am now able to use emoji’s