Nexcloud app for Android don't sync my old photos

Hi, here is a problem about not syncing files from the app when I changed the server hard drive.
I had the nextcloud app on my smartphone working correctly, with 32 GB of photos on the smartphone’s SD correctly synced to my hard drive.
I recently changed the hard drive where the nextcloud server was working. So I reinstalled the entire system, both the nextcloud server (by docker) and the app on my smartphone.
The problem is that now nextcloud does not synchronize the photos that it had already synchronized in the past, it only synchronizes the new ones (despite the fact that in the App I have configured it to synchronize the entire folder, even the old files).
So even though I remove the app from the smartphone and reinstall it again, it somehow remembers the files it uploaded in the past and skips re-uploading them. Bear in mind that the server is also a new installation.
In short: I have deleted the server and app and reinstalled them, but somehow, nextcloud remembers the photos that you uploaded in the past and skips their upload.
How could i get nexcloud app to re-upload all my files?
Thank you very much !!!

I have the same problem than you (with less than 15 photos). I didnt find a solution (but I didnt search so much since I dont have 32 Gb og photos).
I hope you will find a solution.
The only solution I have is to synchronise with another service (syncthing) on my laptop and then you can upload on NC. But if you use the functionnality to create folder by date, you will need some adding works.

Even if you deleted the app from your phone, it might have left some sync metadata which could cause this problem. I’d suggest you sign the app out of your account, then clear the app’s data before signing it back in.

One caution: The auto-upload settings has an option that will move the originals to the Nextcloud app’s folder. Use a file browser or gallery app to make sure your pictures are still in their default folders (DCIM, Pictures, etc) - if you chose to use the above option before, then deleting the Nextcloud app’s data will delete your originals!

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This fixed the problem. I had really deleted the folders of the app but that was not enough, when I deleted the data from the App, nextloud began to upload all the information again.
Thanks a lot!!!

See the mactrent answer, it really works!

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