Nexcloud 19 updater extra file .git

Hi guys.
I started an update from Nextcloud 19 to 19.0.1 today and during Check for expected files i got the massage The following extra files have been found: .git. The updater stopped working at this point. I have my own repository where I added my individual Nexcloud instanz to. So, I’m wondering how I can include the .git folder to the expected files.
Would appriciate getting your advice. Thanks!

You don’t include the .git into the expected files. You remove that file and try again.

@eehmke Thank you for your reply. But your answer ist not helpfull. Maybe you have no idea what .git is. It is not a file, it is a folder. And, it is not a useless but very important folder. The same like .well-known is. And this folder is also added to the expected files.
So, to remove this folder is not a good answer. I can not believe there is no option in Nexcloud to extend the list of expected files.