News Updater without changing from Ajax?

I would like to use the News RSS reader. But after I add something it won’t be updated anymore.
I read something about I have to change from Ajax to cron. But I don’t want to change everything from Ajax to cron because “never touch a running system”. How is it possible to update the News App with a cronjob alone?

push no one?

This might answer your question.

and do I need to change it from Ajax to cron in the webgui or can I just use further Ajax for everything else?

I would recommend to use solely cron instead of Ajax because of the following restrictions:

The AJAX scheduling method is the default option. Unfortunately, however, it is also the least reliable. Each time a user visits the Nextcloud page, a single background job is executed. The advantage of this mechanism is that it does not require access to the system nor registration with a third party service. The disadvantage of this mechanism, when compared to the Webcron service, is that it requires regular visits to the page for it to be triggered.

it worked, thanks. But after that now I have the problem that the phonetrack app on my android phone would stop to sync after a while…

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I think you should open a new request in this forum addressing this specific issue, because this one has been solved now :wink: