News App not parsing some feeds

Hello I’m running Nextcloud 15.0.8 on Debian 9.9 with the latest release version of the News App. Lately it’s been having problems parsing some RSS/Atom feeds. A good example is

For me that feed gives a 403 error in the News App from FeedIO there was another feed that had a parse a few weeks ago and stopped working but I don’t remember the URL right now. I tested the FujiRumors feed in Thunderbird and Firefox-ESR in Debian Stretch and both work there. Here’s the error I get in nextcloud.log (removed private information pertinent to my install):

"app":"news","method":"POST","url":"\/apps\/news\/feeds","message":"https:\/\/\/feed\/ read error : Client error: `GET https:\/\/\/feed\/` resulted in a `403 Forbidden` response:\n<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html lang=\"en\" xmlns=\["http:\/\/\/1999\/xhtml\"](http:\/\/\/1999\/xhtml\)>\n<head>\n<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"https:\/\/ (truncated...)\n

The vast majority of feeds work fine and update without issue. Thought maybe the webmaster of the these few sites needed to fix something but since their feeds work in other readers it looks to be issue with Nextcloud. Any one else run into this?