News app - doesn't auto update

Hi, I installed Nextcloud on shared hosting just to try how it’s working and it’s great so far but i encountered a problem with News app that is not updating.

In order for News app to update feeds i have to switch between ‘‘Enable full text’’ and "Disable full text’’ - thats the only way that works for me.

I am very new to Nextcloud and im doing it an easy way via shared hosting so don’t be harsh please.

Any help appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum @demigot ! :slightly_smiling_face:

have you set up a cron job? (and do you know what it is?)

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Hi, i try to understand whats written in here:

Not sure if i have access to command line from cpanel but i tried executing it through Cronjobs app that comes with cpanel - so far can’t figure it out.

So far i tried setting up cron to works once every 5 minutes and for command i entered:

‘‘php -f /var/www/my_nextcloud_address/cron.php’’

Shall i put instead ‘‘php -f /home/data_base_name/my_nextcloud_address/cron.php’’ ?

‘‘Use system crone’’ is ticked.

What i am missing?

Sorry i do not know the context between news and cron.

But you can and shoud use at the beginning cron manually for testing.
Is there an error in execution on command line? Use the correct nextcloud user.
sudo -u www-data php ...
After execution is there still the news-problem?