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This is the official News app comments section of the new app store which is currently in alpha

In here: Discussion, questions and comments about the News.

The title of this thread says News App which makes it sound like it’s about the news app, but the actual post says it’s about the new app store… So… which is it?

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App Store comments will not be hosted on the app store itself but deferred to discourse, so its both :wink:

Edit: oh, right, fixed it :wink:

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If I had to create a new thread, I’d probably put it somewhere else, but since this disscussion thread already exists, I guess, I can use it all the same:

Would you consider to provide Webcron - Update - Functionality for the news app? If you are reluctant to do so, I’d be fine with an (undocumented, unsupported) config hack, too.

While I understand your reliability concerns and probable timeout issues, I ask you to consider the following:

Being on shared hosting, all-inkl provides the possibility to create cron jobs using all-inkl’s own web-interface (aka without shell access). This cron job runs on the same server NC runs on but needs to be addressed as “Webcron” by NC. Trying to run the cron jobs as “Cron” results in
{"data":{"message":"Backgroundjobs are using system cron!"},"status":"error"}

With both services on the same server stability and reliability issues do not really count, as either both work or don’t work, I’d say :wink:

@John good question since its not a bug report ;D

There are multiple issues with webcron (won’t reiterate them, search the ownCloud News bug tracker), that’s why the News app features a custom webcron API (documented here ) which only updates one feed at a time. This is not only more stable but also ~10 times faster for feed updates. The Python updater uses the API however you can very simply create your own PHP script as outlined here:

That’s basically 10 lines of PHP which can be called by any webcron. Keep in mind that this solution does not scale (as in: keep it to single user systems only) since PHP has a timeout limit which simply kills the script after a certain amount of time. That’s also one of the main reasons why webcron support was dropped FYI.

PS: the example above uses the console API. If you dont have access to that you need to use the web API.


Hi i have tried to activated your app in nc 11 stable, via adding apps, but get the following errors:

Error: Class ‘OCA\News\AppInfo\Application’ not found
/var/www/virtual/htdocs/lib/private/legacy/app.php - line 214: require_once()
/var/www/virtual/htdocs/lib/private/legacy/app.php - line 155: OC_App requireAppFile(‘news’)
/var/www/virtual/htdocs/lib/private/legacy/app.php - line 125: OC_App loadApp(‘news’)
/var/www/virtual/htdocs/lib/base.php - line 994: OC_App loadApps()
/var/www/virtual/htdocs/index.php - line 40: OC handleRequest()

Thx in advance for your help :wink:

@aLpHa stuff like this belongs on the issue tracker :wink:

You are missing a file which is present in the archive fyi

Yes i know sorry i thougt i write here a short note, maybe its a known issue

Interessting, why is this missing when i download it via nc build in app + directly from app store ?

Depends really on what you did. Signatures are checked when installing the archive from the store so it’s not a corrupt archive issue. Maybe wrong permissions?

Should be everything ok and cannot be anything wrong with permission, there is just need to press the activated button in app installer build in app

I have done this after nc11 upgrade today with 4 other apps too in same way, every worked, i got only at yours an error after tried install … curious

I will try tomorrow with manual install, hopefully it will work
I like your app, it’s very useful :slight_smile:

I have tried it now, because this cannot let me sleep
There seems to be something missing in the release archive of the download, for example the “application.php” is not inside & maybe others

Any chance of getting a full screen option when viewing podcasts with video attachments in the Android app? Currently I’m subscribed to the TED video feed, but watching the videos in the News Android app is like staring at a moving postage stamp…

You should be able to hit whatever full screen button your iframe/video presents

Ah Android app, no idea I don’t develop that app.

Ah Android app, no idea I don’t develop that app.

Ah, my mistake. I’ll hunt down the Android app on GitHub and file an issue.

Hi, I’m trying to install the News app on my hosted webserver but it says

App “News” cannot be installed because the following dependencies are not fulfilled: Library libxml with a version higher than 2.7.8 is required - available version

As I cannot update the library my question is: will the news app work with my version of libxml? Can I get around the version check by manually installing the app instead of using the store? Thanks in advance!

You can’t get around the check and it’s required :wink:

Hi! The app news is amazing, thanks for you work. I want know if exist any documentation about REST API to interaction without web app ?

Apologizes for my English!

Check out

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After switching from Debian to Ubuntu 16.04, there are no feed updates.
Nextcloud 11.0.2.
Configured exactly like Debian with the exception of php version

My new php is version 7.0.15