News App and NC 12 Beta 1 - Errors in logfle


Just upgraded/installed the News App v11.0 on my Nexcloud 12 Beta 1 …
Everything themes to work. The only thing … many errors like this:

Error	PHP	Undefined index: admin at /var/www/html/nextcloud/apps/news/lib/Config/AppConfig.php#91

Ideas welcome :blush:


Yeah, accidentally removed that one and didnt re-add it. For issues like these please always use the bug tracker!

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So if I think it’s a bug => bugtacker. Okay :smiley:

Can I fix this “on the fly” on my installation?

Yes and you could also create a pull request to fix it: This line is missing and should be put back into the info.xml


Pull request … I’m rather the sysadmin than a “github expert” :joy: