News Android app doesn't work


the news-android-app doesn’t work for me under nextcloud :frowning:

Seems to be a fault while the app tries to login.


Thanks for the bug report. Seems like I somehow need to find an Android device somewhere to debug such stuff :wink:

Anyhow, any chance that you could apply to your instance and let us know whether this helps?

I’ll try it and come back to you…

Sorry for the noob question:
I’ve changed

            lib/private/appframework/http/request.php  lib/public/irequest.php

but where do I find


You don’t have to change this file :slight_smile:


Then the patch doesn’t fix the error with the android news app

Try searching the bug tracker :wink:

Nothing really related to nextcloud, do you use an opcode cache?

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Thank You @BernhardPosselt

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/occ config:app:set news installed_version --value=“8.7.5”

fixed the issue



Failed updates are probably related to that (my guess). I’d recommend to turn it off

cc @LukasReschke

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Thanks for this hint too.

But if I switch it of, nextcloud tells me, I shall activate a memoy-cache…

Ignore the message :wink:

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Isn’t it better to run an opcache and clear the cache when you update any PHP code? I never had problems with updates caused by an opcache (with the News app too). You can manually clear the cache, e.g. when using mod_php by restarting Apache. Or restarting php-fpm service when running PHP with FPM.

Unsure how the app update process should work, can you clear the cache using php code?

AFAIk you just have to place the new ownCloud files, restart Apache or PHP-fpm and then run the updater. Now the new PHP code should be re-cached.

You can clear it in PHP but it depends on which opcache you use for zend it is opcache_reset(); for xcache it’s different. There is actually already some code in place for this But looks like this is only used for writing the config file:

Note: I have not much experience with all the cache systems. However I’m using xcache or opcache on 2 servers with ownCloud and Drupal etc and never had any problems with it, if I restarted/reloaded Apache.

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@LEDfan right, the only question is when should you restart the server? When you see the update button?

Seems to bee a bug in the android news app, referring to the wrong database field:

Glad you fround the solution. Moving this to support as it’s not about features of Nextcloud or is apps, and closing as it’s been solved. Feel free to post any updates to the bug report though.

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