Newest Collobora sources

Hi – getting back into this project after a break. I’m looking for latest collabora repos for server version. Preferrably I’d like not to run Docker version, however if this is more up to date than server sources then I would work with this. I’m running Ubuntu. I’m not sure if the version in the Ubuntu 18.04 repositories is the latest.

To get collabora online repoes you need to subscribe and be a customer. Otherwise you will have to use collabora code docker instance.

So just to be clear – since I think I understand where you’re coming from –
the loolwsd Ubuntu repository ( DOES NOT represent or follow the latest code updates.

If using docker image (which I’ve done before) I assume the unstable version is the latest? (, or is stable version actually recommended (

Thanks – I remember in the past sources were modified and I’m just trying to work with the latest code base possible.

That repository is the latest stable release. That is what i have installed ( I have a license for collabora online tho and not the CODE version). If you want a later release than that you need to follow the libreoffice online repo and probably build it yourself.

And if you use the docker image you can get an unstable development snapshot. What you have in the collabora code docker image is what you have in the repo.