Newbie tries to get email configured in Basic Settings


I’m having trouble with the Basic Settings for my email configuration, and would appreciate some help. Plesk tells me that my Nextcloud instance (Docker image) is running on localhost, but when I go to Basic Settings in Nextcloud’s browser-based client I can only select SMTP from the dropdown list (it is the only item in the list).

I think I’d like to use sendmail or its local equivalent, but I’m still too new to be sure. Any ideas?

Server Info (VPS):

Plesk 17.8.11
Ubuntu 16.04
Apache 2.4.18
PHP 7.0.32
Accessing Nextcloud via Pale Moon 28.2.2

I’m also unsure how to locate my config.php file for manual configuration. Thanks for any insight.

Todd Thorner
Aleph Infotinuum Services