Newbie tries first update, no luck


I’m trying to update from 15.0.0 to 15.0.2 (running on Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache 2.4.18 and PHP 7.2). When I go to the Overview section of Administration settings and click the button for “Open updater,” I get bounced back to the Files page.

Any insights are appreciated.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’m using the Docker image (I’m also a Docker newbie). Should I try to use the Docker “update” command to update Nextcloud?


Hey! You can find description here:

Updating the Nextcloud container is done by pulling the new image, throwing away the old container and starting the new one. Since all data is stored in volumes, nothing gets lost.

Thanks very much for the information, that seemed to do the trick.

Now I have a new problem. After completing the upgrade to 15.0.2, I can’t seem to log out. My browser (Pale Moon version 28.2.2) just opens an “Unable to connect” error page inside a new tab while the “Logout” icon within the Nexcloud Web client’s tab just keeps spinning forever.

Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Thanks for any insight.