Newbie sync problems

Hi, guys.
Just installed nextcloud on my providers’ server and wanted to start synching. What I need is to download files once they’re put on the server. If I delete them locally I still want them on the server.

On the server

  • I filled in the “Folder name” box
  • set “external storage” to “local”
  • “Authentication” to “none” (as per my providers’ instructions)
  • filled in the path in the “Configuration” box
  • “Available for” “All users (etc)” (again as per my providers’ instructions)
  • Checked “Enable previews” (was checked and figured it wouldn’t apply)
  • Checked “Enable sharing”
  • “Check for changes” set to “Once every direct access”
  • Unchecked “Compatibility with Mac (etc)”
  • Checked “Read only” (as I don’t want deletions client side to delete from the server)

On my client, I installed the latest client and authorized it.

  • Picked the destination folder (on a mounted NAS share)
  • Selected the remote share (called “Remote destination folder”, which is alarming as it’s the source in my setup)
  • Didn’t select any folders not to synchronize
  • Clicked “Add sync connection”

In the general settings, I’ve checked

  • “Launch on system status”
  • “Show Server Notification”
  • “Show sync folders in Explorer’s Navigation Pane”
  • the rest of the check boxes are blank

Now, first sync will synchronize the remote files, which is fine. However, if I add files on my remote server they will not sync onto my client. Also, if I delete files on my client they will be re-added with a message that I’m not allowed to delete them.

Could someone please help me out here? I would like it to sync automagically, and I’d like to be able to delete local files.


Ok, seems the ownCloud client works better with my NAS. However, I’m still not allowed to delete files locally. Any way to fix that?