Newbie question on contacts and users

Apologies for a naive question, but I am relatively new to Nextcloud and completely new to the contacts app. I’m trying to understand a few basic concepts of operation:

I was hoping to have a functionality somewhere in Nextcloud where I could see all the registered users and all of the contact information that they have filled in for their accounts (with appropriate visibility to the other users, of course).

And I was hoping / expecting to see this when I opened the Contacts app. But it appears that the Contacts app doesn’t work that way: it seems that it has nothing specifically to do with the users on the system itself.

There is the small “people” icon on the upper right-hand corner, next to my picture. When I click on that, I get a box “Search contacts” and in fact it shows me a list of all the registered users. That’s great, but … it only allows me to either send them mail or start a Talk chat. So that is clearly not what I was looking for.

So I guess my question is: is there some functionality for seeing who the other users are in the system, together with their appropriate published data like telephone number, address, whatever? And what does that have to do (if anything) with the Contacts app? I tried to find answers in the documentation, but wasn’t able to.

Thanks and once again, sorry for the naive question.


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