Newbie problem: Syncing multiple users to same folder

Hey guys! Sorry for really newb question (?), but I have trouble sharing the folders “right way”.

So. There’s me (user 1: admin) and a friend (user 2) and we would like to build collaborate folder where both of us can upload and save files (video editing, so both of us should be able to open and change project files).

I managed to make the shared folder, it has uploaded to the server - and even to user 2’s computer, but we havent managed to find a solution how his changes on the folder would update to the server - and eventually to the folder on my computer.

I would guess this is about my settings - but like said, Im just guessing. Nevertheless - I cannot find the right settings to fix this so any help would be appreciated.

And - please if you have time to help on this, please tell it to me like Im 10 years old. Im really new on this, I dont consider myself “computer oriented” at all, so I’m on really harsh learning curve on this. :slight_smile: