Newbie: Nextcloud install on Ubuntu - can't access Server Setup

I am a real newbie, previously used TrueNas Core - a lot of overhead for my needs. I wan’t Nextcloud on my file server, now running Ubuntu 23.0.4. Nextcloud on my home server would give me an excellent synced backup for my desktop.

I followed this guide:

and it all went perfectly until I tried to initiate the Nextcloud server setup file:

" Now you can open your web browser and type the localhost address, then add a forward slash / and type, nextcloud." This didn’t work, I tried it both on the server and on my Mac on the same network.

I also tried downloading the server setup file from Nextcloud downloads to /var/www/html:
wget Nextcloud Setup
but it always failed saying something like “can’t write to ‘setup-nextcloud.php’”.

I would be very grateful for any advice.

Hello @Norseman
and welcome to the communityforum of NC where everybody tries to help everyone.

You’re referring to an external (and probably outdated) howto. Why don’t you ask there about solving your problems? I mean… I don’t want to sound harsh on you. I am just interested.

Of course there are how to’s here on the forum as well… you could use one of those. Or you could try NC-Manual to do your first setup. It’s pretty well explained.

Or, being a rookie, you’d try AIO-Docker and spin up a working instance within nothing.

Or you’d take a look here at NC-installing-guide and find the most suitable way for you to install NC Install - Nextcloud

as NC itself isn’t really made for rookies… even if you’d successfully follow some working howto you’d be up on yourself to maintain your instance afterwards.

awww and one last hint: pls don’t install it to anything else than a LTS-version of Ubuntu. The newest one is 22.04.

Good luck

Maybe you like this installation guide for Nextcloud on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with Apache2. Please always use LTS-versions of Ubuntu e.g. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. If not upgrade oder install Ubuntu again.

Please do not use this version. It is for webserver install e.g. on webspace.

Please post more details e.g. screenshots from your error. Does your webserver works at http://localhost? I think you must increase your linux knowledge to find errors e.g. in apache2 logs, … You should also understand each step of a manual. You can search the internet for every single step or command.