Newbie help going round in circles basic setup

Hi, I have been trying to get a working next cloud installation for days and through various installations have almost got to the point of working but not quite.

I have gone from NCP to Ubuntu 20.04 and am now back to NCP.

downloaded and installed on Raspi 3b I am stuck on trusted domains. i had this working with Ubuntu so I am fairly sure my subdomain route and ddns and port forwarding are all working correctly.

when I try to connect from I get the NC error page :

Access through untrusted domain

Please contact your administrator. If you are an administrator, edit the “trusted_domains” setting in config/config.php like the example in config.sample.php.

I have added the domain through webadmin and verified that the domain is correct in config.php through SSH terminal what am I missing?

my config does look strangely numbered though with the following :

array (
0 => ‘localhost’,
5 => ‘nextcloudpi.local’,
7 => ‘nextcloudpi’,
8 => ‘nextcloudpi.lan’,
11 => ‘’,
1 => ‘’,
21 => ‘’,
22 => ‘’,

the mynetname is the DDNS service address into my router - it shouldn’t be needed (or at least it wasn’t on the ubuntu version I tried) but I added it as a test to see if that may be the problem

SSL and external shares are also causing me problems but one thing at a time…

any help would be appreciated and if i forgot any info that would help I will get it


have you tried without the https:// ?

22 => ‘’,

not yet… will give that a go and report back…

currently trying to follow the example installation Ubuntu from manual example install

will swap back and try this - thank you

no joy same result.

as a linux noob i am struggling to get a working setup as all the guides i find seem to miss out what are probably obvious steps to someone familiar with linux but baffling to a noob.

even the documented example linked above seems to me to be missing from the outset - first command is get update but my limited understanding is that only finds possible updates and then required get upgrade to actually install them which is not mentioned - not instilling confidence.

I followed another guide which got me to a working instance including outside access but ran into problems with SSL so went back to try NCP and see if the problem was my configuring Apache but hit this problem that I thought I had figured out.

before I contemplate migrating any data I would like some form of repeatable and recoverable installation but this is proving a challenge at the moment

wowsers well I made it through the documented example linked above with some help comparing to other instructions and once again I have a problem…

so this time its crazy -

SSH into IP no problem
browser to ip or ip:4443 apache default page??
FQDN from internal network nextcloud login failed initially but now works
FQDN from external network full access

I couldnt make it up! :rofl:

so it looks like I can get all of the bits working just not in any one installation

fairly sure I messed up the apache configuration so off to start again - fingers crossed

my head hurts lol please can anyone give me some direction?

well i started again with NCP and another fresh install and its working so no idea what went wrong.

i now need to figure out SSL and external storage but i will create a new thread for this