Newbie, end to end encryption breaks my Nextcloud?


Apologises for lack of logs etc, as im sure its just a mere “step” in setup I must have missed maybe.

I setup my nextcloud on a Linode server (latest ubuntu), following the tutorials to get setup. I then followed guides to harden SSH and add fail2ban etc. Thats it so far, a pretty much fresh install on a fresh Linode server. HTTPS and cert is setup too, on custom domain.

Now reason for wanting to start a nextcloud, End-to-End encrypted files, im basically trying to improve and replace google, iCloud etc!

So before I do more I try to setup End to End, I follow guides to

  • Switch on default encryption app
  • Turn on server side encryption in settings
  • enable end to end encryption app

At this point, all is well. UNTIL I try and either upload or download any test files, then I get a plethora of errors, some are 503 errors, some say encryption errors, permission denied errors, all sorts of different errors. (this all before turning on E2EE in clients)

As an experiment I further setup e2ee in my desktop clients thinking maybe that will help, no. Still nothing up or down, and piles of errors.

Where am I going wrong, sure ive missed a step maybe in setup?

Anyone with ideas?, else looks like iCloud stays :frowning: /cry

I don’t know, however it seems the end to end encryption app is not compatible together with server-side encryption


Oh, thats odd I just followed a guide. Ok thank you, I will restore my server and have another play with server side off.