New Windows Desktop 3.2.0 Major Issue. Missing shared folders in Explorer Tree

Windows 10 Pro 10.0.190042. Build 19042
NC 21.0.1
php 8.0

Before installing the new Win Virtual desktop, I wiped my account from old version and uninstalled it. Then deleted the file storage folders.

Installed new version clean.

Added a folder connection. I expect to see the connection in the left hand tree view of windows file explorer. This is the view that shows “My Computer”, “Quick Access”, Documents, Downloads, Network, etc. I expect my newly added synced folders to show up in this tree. I rebooted. Check again. Nothing in the tree view. I do see the files under the folder where they are stored, but that’s not what I expect. I expect to see the Icon with the header matching the synced folder in the file tree like in the older version.

Note, did some googling and found a possible solution. I ran this command:
regsvr32.exe “C:\Program Files\Nextcloud\shellext\NCOverlays.dll”

Then rebooted. Unfortunately, still no overlay icons show up in the file tree.

Note, on the older version that this replaced did show each folder connection in the file tree view.

Unsure what to do at this point so hence posting here for help.

Thank you!

See Nextcloud 3.2.0 Explorer Navigation Pane Missing after enabling virtual file support · Issue #3113 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub