New way to register admin settings

Hey, I just want to let you know that for upcoming Nc 10 we reworked the Admin page. From a “let’s output all the settings forms” we went to organize it into sections, thus only a selection of settings forms is loaded.

App developers, who do register admin settings in their app, can adjust to it. One (or two) classes can e specified in the info.xml, dropping the necessity for an isolated PHP script file. The settings class needs to implement an interface. And addtionally a section can be created – this is optional.

App developers could also leave everything as is. Then their admin settings form will automatically sorted into the “Additional settings” section.

I opened a pull request on the developer documentation there you can find detailed information and btw also review it :wink:

One example of a conversion from the old to the new approach (with creating a section) provides the user_saml app.

Nc 9 and earlier are not effected.

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