New version of Groupfolders App is coming

Does not work with encryption?! OK, that would explain why not working for me… :disappointed_relieved:
Found some entries in my error log just after deactivating group folders in my app

That’s really disappointing.


Only a small minority of our users uses the server side encryption app as it only offers improved security for a corner case. Of course it works with our usual encryption-in-transport as well as with OS level full disk encryption.


Can somebody please confirm if versioning is working in Group Folders.
In my setup it seems id doesn’t.


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I can confirm that versioning doesn’t work with group folders. This would a very useful improvement - especially since files in group folders are modified by more than one person.
Activity Stream doesn’t work for group folders as well.


Hello. Thanks for doing work in this way!

Any dates of release or beta? Where can we see new code, write some suggestions to new version or test it?
I ask because I working on some project based on this functional and current version have some issues with most other apps in nextcloud and don’t have any api to work with it. I can resolve some of them in my project, but not want rewrite my code anytime when updates come, so want to help solve them globally.


You can find this project on Github:

It’s great to read that you’re going to contribute.

Thanks for answer, but I know about this repo. I don’t see there any activity last month so that’s why I asked about dates and new version. Now I have to resolve some issues with other nextcloud apps and then I’ll back to groupfolders.

I believe that all the devs of groupfolders have been very busy with NC 12.1 as it will be release in the next few days.

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Yeah, priorities. Plus, icewind is actually wandering around in the Austrian mountains at the moment, holiday is the excuse he gave for that :wink:

Bloody summer time… :stuck_out_tongue:


Currently versioning is not working for Group folders, is there a plan to implement this?

There is no control on deletion, any user can delete files or folders in a group drive, can somebody provide insight how to restrict this? Deleted files or folders appear in “Deleted Files” of that user but not for others, we need to have option if someone in a team deletes it, others should able to restore it. Please help to address this scenario. In our organization, we are mainly depending on group folders.


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I create a Group Folder with write/share access permission to USER1 and USER2.
USER1 upload files or folders inside it. If it share file/folder with public link, why USER2 not see that share?
User2 sees the file as if it was not shared. Is there a reason?

The user who creates a share on groupfolders, should have the option to share in Personal or Group permissions. Or directly with Group permission, but not only Personal, else others Users of that group not see share link.


I have the same problem. Was the ever resolved?

Please add your voice to the GitHub issue above :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that in 12.0.2 that groupfolder roots are named in the /nextcloud/filespath/__groupfolders/x/ where ‘x’ is an autoincemented integer? So the creator of a group root is really just giving that root folder an alias name and the code gives it an integer so that avoids the overwrite issue stated by the OP?

Revisions seem to be working in 12.0.2.

Information that is outdated creates so much confusion and frustration. That’s why I continue to advocate for a version sensitive wiki with the most up to date information being at the top.

Very cool app. But it doesn’t support collaborative tags, useful for setting a file retention in this folder.
Is there any plans to support it?


Work on this app is happening, though it is low priority as we have lots of customers whom we work for :wink:

If you want to increase the urgency, become a customer.

Same here. In backgroud, I found the file was already uploaded successfully on the filesystem, Meanwhile, An error message “Internal Server Error” just showed up in the front page. Wasn’t that weird?

You are commenting on a very old thread. Please open a new thread or if you have a bug report a ticket on Github

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