New version Client: 'There are unresolved conflicts'


Xubuntu 18.04
Client 2.5.0git
RPi based Box with Snappy Nextcloud

After the new client installed (2.5.0git) all still works but instead of the green ticks I now have yellow ‘!’ marks with the message, ‘There are unresolved conflicts. Click for details.’

However, these ‘unresolved conflicts’ are all just ‘File/Folder is on the ignore list’ or ‘File/Folder is ignored because it’s hidden’.

I have, and always have had, the ‘Sync hidden files’ box unticked
I tried ticking this but it still showed the same (with only ‘File/Folder is on the ignore list’ errors as expected)

Is this behaviour now normal?

Surely, if files are supposed to be ignored then a warning isn’t necessary?

Not the end of the world but I do miss the satisfaction factor of seeing nice plump green ticks :slight_smile:




I am get the same issue after Nextcloud client upgrade on my Kubuntu 18.04.
I believe that it shouldn’t be correct behavior,


This Desktop Client search for file names with ‘_conflict’ into the name.
If you delete this files, you should not get this message again.


Tried that but still same problem

I have since found out that here is an open issue on this


@mr-bolle - well initially deleting all the conflict files didnt work but a few syncs later I have green ticks again :slight_smile:

I did also reset to defaults in hidden files options after deleting files, but not sure if this was part of the solution



To fix the issue, I also had to completely close the Nextcloud client and re-open it. After a rescan, it figured it out and now gives me the green “tick” icon