New user which cannot upload or backup

Hi Next Cloud Support,

Hello my name is Benji, I am an engineer who provides Math and Physics Teaching.

I am a new user to the platform after moving from MS OneDrive.

I am getting an error when I am trying to upload files.

it says HTTP/2 protocol error.

It happends with some files and not with other files.

What does this mean, and can anyone help here?



Hi Benji, nice to see you here. First I would ask you to not ignore the issue template and provide valuable information about your environment, OS, software versions, web browser, Nextcloud and web server log file content etc., etc. Additionally you should describe in detail how you’re exactly running into this problem.

Otherwise it won’t be possible to provide any advice, except to use the search function of this forum to find an answer on your question.

Hi J-ed,

I really appreciate your help. Sorry this is all very new to me and I didn’t know that.

Thanks for your reply.

So I am running the following software.

Pop_OS 19.10 ===== same as Ubuntu 19.10

I am not using a web browser to upload my data I am using the official nextcloud desktop sync client. in the client it says Version 2.6.2git.

The way that I ran into this problem is when I add a new directory to be uploaded from my local SSD to be uploaded onto the nextcloud server which I was given.

This is a big concern as I need these documents uploaded in real time as I work out of the directory sometime so that my files are immediately backed up.

I am trying hard to move away from Microsoft One Drive altogether and I would love to fix this error.

Are you self-hosting? Using a provider?
What web server are(is) you(r provider) running?
Nextcloud version?
Are all the tests passed ok?

Admin accounts can check the Nextcloud log, is there relevant information?