New User - User disabled because of to long lapse of time to verify mail, how reactivate?


I tried to get an account today in the morning through your server at

That worked fin, but apparently, I have not clicked correctly on the link to verify the mail. The account was now disabled with the comment, that I should contact the provider.

Who, where, how?
Thank you a lot

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I have the same problem: I am a new user of NextCloud and wanted to register for a free account with webo, but the e-mail confirmation was not successful. When I try to log on with my user and password, tells me that my user is disabled.
The Reset password function does not work in this situtaion - I do not receive any e-mail (also not in spam folder).
The message tells me to contact my local administrator for help, but I am not sure who to contact? Webo support or NextCloud support? I am stuck. Can you help and give me a pointer as to how I can start over? :parachute: :repeat:
Thank you!