"new" Upload progress bar in NC 28.0.2 not working when chunk size set to --value=0

I’ve now delved a little deeper into it. The progress bar uses the ring buffer (chunk size) to calculate the download time. If the chunk size is too large, then the ring buffer never fills and no progress is displayed.
So the progress bar is most accurate with a chhunksize = 1.

So performance versus UX :thinking:


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i opened the issue because the option (value 0) ist still part of the admin manual and should not lead into this behaviour.


… and there is already a fix:


still not working here, regardless of whether chunksize is set or not…

After a lot of fiddling, seems to be slowly working.
However, when i set chunksize to 524288 - this gets interpreted as 5mb… another bug?
Additionally it seems to launch three worker threads, instead of a single one as you may expect… is there any way to change this?


So, after a very big switch from vmware to proxmox and migrating my servers so as nextcloud to it, i upgraded from 28.0.2 to 28.0.3 and set back my chunk size to zero.

Seems working with this NC version, thanks a lot to all making this prob fixed.

:grinning: :+1:

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