New To NextCloud Need to Decide

Hi People.

Please can someone advise.

I am still relatively new have now came across NextCloud. I have to make a choice between the NextCloud and OC. Ive read the reasons and history. Just some unanswered q? ihave

Will NextCloud be stable and be running in the future ?
Will NextCloud open source stay free or will there be a time that will force users to have to pay?
Will Support always be here for people like me that are not able to afford the full package deal?
( I currently work for a Non-Profit Org so hence $$ is an issue)


hey @rl-lte

welcome to the forum. here are some answers to your questions

what means “the future” for you, exactly? what means “stable”? :slight_smile:
apart from this: i bet yes… will be stable and running in “the future”, at least there always will be a released version which runs stable and “forever”

you need to make a difference between nextcloud, the software and nextcloud, the company. the software is free of cost. the company earns its money by offering support to companies/ppl who want/need it. so since the company is taking advantage of the software they can’t “force” any coder of the software to make someone else pay for it.
as long as it’s gonna stay open source it will be for free. the software.

the forum? as long as ppl are here and as long as they wanna help it’s gonna stay free as well. pls take into consideration that since all the helping work here just happens on a volounteer basis you can’t force anyone to help you with your specific problems. but if you would ask nicely then most prolly you’d be helped. (no guarantee upon that point, though)

maybe you should take a look on the pricing for support, though. i am pretty sure there is some special offer for non-profit organisations… (btw: non-profit organisations don’t need to make a surplus of income by the end of the year - it doesn’t mean that they have no money at all and neither does it mean they wouldnt pay their employees in a fair way) :wink:

so i hope that answered your questions in a way that you now know better what to do or not :smiley:


Thank you Jimmy for your responses. I guess i’m just skeptic to make a jump without any guarantees.

Im goina give NextCloud a go. :smile:

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good luck - and have fun :slight_smile:

aaah… btw: what would be the alternative? OC? well you don’t have the needed guarantees neither. just saying…

Yip i am currently on OC 7.0 (shamefully OLD ) so at this point i need to update/upgrade.

My other alternative is also Google domain for npo’s.

Eish lol choices and more choices.

Hi and welcome to the Nextcloud community.
With your questions and concerns regarding being future proof and being free for the peoples, the answer is definitely Nextcloud. These are all the things that NC is ahead of OC. OC makes you pay for business features, NC provide them to you for free.
The only thing that costs at NC is professional support and professional installation and customization. Apart from that, everything is free.
With the quickly growing community you will find a lot of information, documentation and guides on the Internet, just like you will find help for your problems.

Thank Schmu.

Can already see the responses are responsive and that every1 here is definitely advising. Def says alot and makes the decision even more reason to go forward.

Thanks :grin:

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