New "Spreed video calls" app?


On the nextcloud apps store, there’s a new “Spreed video calls” app (needs nextcloud 11). Is it the same as the actual “Spreed.ME” ? There’s no description at all… and is it made also by struktur ag ?

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The Spreed.ME app (at least currently) has a lot more features.
The Spreed (without .ME) app only offers you audio and video, whereas Spreed.ME also allows Screensharing, sharing of presentations, chat, etc.

Spreed.ME requires you to install the accompanying Spreed WebRTC server. Spreed (without .ME) works right out of the box.

Aaah i see, thank you !
(so it must use the services/servers of struktur ag and register with them)

No, as far as I have understood the new spreed app provides a complete webrtc server written in php/js.
It should not use any other external server/services.

None of the apps use “external server/services”. Spreed.ME only requires the additional software “Spreed WebRTC”, which is not hosted by anyone but yourself.

Yes i knew that, i myself use it ! … and it works well.

I was just wondering about the new [quote=“Akhenaton, post:1, topic:5661”]
“Spreed video call” [/quote] and didn’t know that it was both a client and a server.

The client is actually your browser :slight_smile:

Yes, OK :smiley:

I am thinking of a more general usage of SpreedMe as we have already the server part running all the time with the spreed-webrtc server. And i will be very happy when some clients (windows, Linux, Android, IOS etc) will be developed to access directly our spreed-webrtc server without the need to login with a web browser to the nextcloud app… (I mean, i want to get rid of skype or similar)