New NextCloudPi image, please share!

The biggest change is a very much improved wizard that will pop up during the first execution of ncp-web

Please, stop sharing the old one and share this one instead.



This image for the banana pi would be a dream come true!

hi, some banana boards have been mentioned in this thread

they don’t seem to have very good software support, so we are looking into other boards first.

Ofc, if somebody would like to port to a banana pi it just talk to me.

Also, the docker image can be used in boards that are not a RPi, but they are not as featureful yet.

A new version of the docker image is in the oven

thank you!

No they support (proven) some usual OS-es.
The Linux Kernell they mention to replace in Ubuntu is only needed when you need to use the PINs as you would on a Pi or Arduino. If you run it as a webserver, you don’t need it. It then just becomes a amd64/x86-64 as good as any Atomx8xxx board.

So as long as collabora and webrtc need amd64…

I am speaking from memory, but don’t they still have a very old kernel (3.x)?

Also, there’s comments like this

In any case, if anyone wants to help porting it, I’ll help

My Up board runs Linux 4.9.0-4-amd64 on x86_64 debian 9

to everyone in this thread:

NextCloudPi can now be installed on the Banana Pi, and any other system as long as it’s debian. Also I have a testing image for the odroid HC1, plus the new docker containers (arm and x86)

A lot has happened since we talked last time!

Hi everybody!
Can anyone help me with an actual NextcloudPi Image for Banana Pi M3?!
Thanks in advance

If you want to generate it, this is the right place to ask! (or better yet, open a new topic)