New NextCloudPi image 11-23-17, please share

Minor release with minor fixes and updates. Please stop sharing the old one!

There is also a magnet link to directly download via torrent:

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Hi …
is it possible to convert the image for Berryboot? Since I have problems after moving Data (with your image) to USB-HDD it would be a nice and easy way (for beginner) with huge data …
I’m using now Tonido on W10P, but without SQL it’s to slow with round about 200.000 mp3.
I have extracted the 1.img but it don’t work


I don’t understand, have you tried our provided image for berryboot?

is this what you want?

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Thanks, I have read about the Berryboot but I’ve lost the link, then I found and used the Instruction at ownyourbits. But only moving the data to the HD is not fast enough for me …

Thanks for the link, imho it is not on you HP or I didn’t find. I’m reading so much this days, because I don’t know the simplest commands like ls and so on.

So I will start over from scratch for the … I didn’t count … :rofl:
But so far I can see, you Image is the best way for noobs. I have tried the Image for the Nextcloud Box … that will work for a couple of files. I have done the Step by Step Instruction at “” with a big Debian installation offert by BerryBoot and thats really fast … but I struggled because a missing config file in NGINX … but I WILL find out first by try and error

well, your options are:

  • using berryboot-> everything in the hard drive

or these three

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