New Nextcloud user - 2 technicals feature question

hello communauty, I am happy to discover and install nextcloud in my Company

We used Pydio since many years, I am going to migrate pydio files to nextcloud (350GB / 200 users) in few days :wink:

after lot of test and before going to Nextcloud in production, i would like to share with you some points (sorry for my english)

for control in best way shares made by internal users with external users,

if I disable the share link feature, it’s disable the possibility to share with external email

it’s could be a very good point for me, because with external email you can log external users access,

is there a simple way to block the link share feature and allow share only with internal user and external email user,

maybe is there a feature for internal user can create guest account with password ?

I used LDAP for internal user provisionning

Comparing with Owncloud install WEBDAV protocol

I Have installed Owncloud and Nextcloud OVA ( T&M Hansson IT AB ) in my infrastructure for testing before choose. Last version available for both

Nexcloud is the winner in my case, except a big point

Native Ownlcoud ova install, the WEBDAV acces is very fast and works fine from OS X FINDER

Native Nextcloud ova install, the WEBDAV acces is very slow and doesn’t work. (case of zero ko files when upload from os x finder)

lot of search on the web for this case, and i have try to index postgress without success

-> CREATE INDEX properties_path_index ON oc_properties(userid, propertypath)

is there a simple way to have WEBDAV working and fast in nextcloud OVA install ?

lot of this case on the web but don’t find a simple working solution

Nextcloud desktop app works very fine, but access directly with webdav should be a good way for me for some users i don’t want they store files on their computer

thank you

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When installing in production you should avoid doing it using someone else’s OVAs…

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thanks for your reply
can you say me what OVA is BAD for production , I can’t trust OVA download link on NC website ?
I have bought it for 30 dollar

I can make install from repository on Unbuntu by example,
the webdav protocol will work better from scratch install ?

ova is good when you don’t have time for console, for my benchmark it was very cool


I have installed just now nc 18.0.3 on debian 10
and test the webdav protocol from OS X
PDF upload ok, the zero octects file probleme as disappear

but upload speed is still always very slow from local netwok, is there a way to obtain best network performance with webdav from OS X finder ?

the pretty feature i would like to have in production, a webdav faster
benchmarck with owncloud is very good, what is different with nextcloud on this subject ?

have a nice day

Perhaps there is a configuration error.

You can use a 1 hour test - account with webdav on
Use the webdav-config (left down site), username as username and “demo” as password.
What is about the performance on OS X with webdav for this webdav server?

i cannot log in with username / demo

Not “username”. The username in the demo account … look at “settings” :wink:
the username is perhaps 10 characters long.
“Take me there”
and then look the url :wink:

thank you,
i have made a test (user 75BQnQC4LH2d9F57) on your demo server

same thing with your server and mine, copy a little excel file is very long
why with oncloud instance (same datacenter, same administrator :slight_smile: this feature works fast ? maybe differente techno or library

maybye is there another feature to make a network drive with NC server from mac OS X whithout any tier sofware.
AFP or SMB with a VPN, but https webdav is very reliable (no need VPN to secure)

I repeat my point, some user in my organisation need to access online data without a local synchro (local hardisk are small SSD)

It is not my server. And yes WebDAV is not really good or fast.

Sometimes i use to transfer data from mobile device (android) to server (debian) the protocoll sftp.

OK, i will stop to work with weddav, so I will disable this feature if I can, in case or some users try to connect to webdav, it make the serveur performance decrease when OS X finder connect to it

thanks you for your help on this point

a last point !
is the solution to import ldap phone number to a local directory (for sharing telephone number with all smartphone of the compagny)

our Zimbra Server can not doing that ! this is a big feature to share telephone/contact from ldap backend

Disable WebDAV? The system uses a lot of WebDAV.

i would like to say “hide” the webdav path in the nc gui