New Nextcloud/memories installation does not index all pictures

Dear community,
I;m writing you because i need some help.
I just installed nextcloud over a docker deployment…
Everything with installation seems to be ok and i installed memories too and connected to it an external repository (using SFTP) to find my photo in the system.
Now i lunch the indexing command via OCC and it run, but at the end of job many folder are missing, and in the folder indexed many picture are not available.
can someone help me on this?
one more bonus question, is correct that memories can’t read the tags written in the exif? any way to find those tags and just case edit them too?
Thank you so much for the help you can provide.

Are there any errors in your log?

Also, anything in common among the ones that seem to not be included?

this is the strange.
nothing in common, structure of my pic is the same everywhere, sometimes it miss entire folders sometimes some pictures from indexed folders.
my suspect is related to the mount point, it is set as ftp now and I’m trying to reinstall from scratch mounting it as a volume.
i didn’t find a detailed log, where i can find the memories log?
thank you so much for helping!