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I am new to nextcloud. I am trying to install it on a Dell R710 server.
I was told to update to Nextcloud version 24.0
I was told that php 8.1 will work with Nextcloud 24.0.
I can´t get the current version of Nextcloud on my server (19.00) to work with php 8.1.
So, my question is how do i update the Nextcloud from 19.00 to 24.00 on a server running Ubuntu.?

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You’ll need to update Nextcloud one major release at a time. Do not skip e.g. from 19 to 21 or higher, and do not make any attempt to downgrade. In both cases, it will probably break your instance.

By the way, what do you mean by you are new to NC and this is a new installation? It sounds like an old one.

It would help also if you would fill in the support post template.

I tried to install Nextcloud 19.0. I could not get it running.
I determined that I had the wrong Php version. I have 8.0 version.
Php 8.0 version will not work with Nextcloud 19.0
So , I have to update the Nextcloud version possibly to 24 or 25.
So what is the best way to fix this? Do I uninstall Nextcloud 19.0 version.
and try to install the Nextcloud 24 or 25 version.?
John Tankersley

If it was never running? I would just start over with version 25.0.2.

I am John Tankersley and am responding to my recent post pertaining to having the wrong php 8.1 version installed with Nextcloud version 19.0.
Last night I was able to back it out to start over on my Dell server.
So now I am in the process of installing the correct version of Nextcloud (either 24 or 25) to work in conjunction with the php 8.1. I have the Apache installed and Mariadb installed and they are functional. So, my question which version of Nextcloud should I install to work with the 8.1 Php version. What is the difference between the 24 or 25 version.
Also, what applications should I install to work with the Nextcloud once I get it started./
Thank-you for your help.
John Tankersley

You should probably just go straight to 25. 24 is still supported for those who want/need to delay updates. If you want to know the difference, you can read the release notes/change log for version 25.

As far as apps, it just depends on what you want to do with the system.