New Nextcloud install on home ubuntu server

First off, I am a noob. I created my own Ubuntu server in my home and as part of the install, I choose to load Nextcloud. The server seems to work fine, I can remote into it. When I put my IP in my client browser, Nextcloud opened, I signed in, and it loaded. This seems to be a SNAP install (?) which means nothing to me. I am trying to make connections using NC Client with my devices to sync data to my Nextcloud on the server but nothing seems to recognize the server IP or NC server. First of all, does this setup make sense? And any guidance or encouragement you can give for some afraid they may F it all up? Do I need to do changes to apache2 and php or did all this get automagically done through the snap install/config? Thanks

Through further research I may have answered some of my own questions so for now, I rescind my query.