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prior to updating one must go to their config.php file and insure that this line is present in this form ā€˜appstoreenabledā€™ => false,
i would suggest that a button on the updater page be provided to change the line to false as most of us use the app store to keep our apps updated.
once update is complete a button on the app page could be used to set the line in php back to true so our apps stay updated or we are alerted to an app requiring an update

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I donā€™t have to disable the appstore during updates, is this due to your environment?


Sorry but on the updates page it states very specifically that one must insure that this is set to false in the config.php file.

I have just been following the instructions found there I have been running nextcloud since they split from owncloud so I do have some experience with this product.

Do you keep your app store set to true then even during updating?

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Ok, I didnā€™t see this yet (using CLI for updates). In this case it would be useful to do this automatically, perhaps suggest this at