New NCP install - no access to web GUI

Issue: Clean install, but can’t access https://nextcloudpi or https://nextcloudpi.local (FF: “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.”) And ncp-config works fine.

Background: Installed NCP by running file. At one point in install, prompted to choose to use package maintainer’s file or keep the existing file. Something DNS related. Chose to keep existing because I use PiHole and thought it might jack it up.

I done goofed I guess.

Tried re-running but it skips that bit now. How can I try a fresh install or some other brilliant solution?

My linux experience is pretty slim.

Config works?

Can you use the shell?

netstat -an |grep 443

Please post mor errors.

why not just using your local ip instead? like https://my.local.ip.url:4443, is not made to run again,
You can try running nc-init, to start a clean config.

Others are having issues running NC§ and pihole together, use the forum search, look for “pihole” to find them or look for help on pihole fora, this one here is for NC.